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 The scenery of Butre from the walls of Fort Batenstein





In the Western Region of Ghana you'll find the Hideout Lodge. Right in the middle of an ecological paradise,just a five hour drive from Accra. It's located 37 km south from the harbour city of Takoradi along the AtlanticCoast. Agona is the nearest town, 10 km away, and from there it's easy to take a taxi or a "Tro-Tro" to Butre. Just follow the roadsigns from Agona with the text "The Hideout Lodge".


Butre Village


The Hideout Lodge is located just a stone-throw from the small fishing village Butre. The village is guarded by the old slave-trading post Fort Batenstein. It's situated on the high hill behind the village, and from up there you have a great view over the coastline. If you're standing on the top of the FortBatenstein wall, you can look down on the village and the Butre river, which are separating the village from our site.














Fort Batenstein

Kakum NP

Cape  Coast


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 The Hideout Lodge

 The Hideout Lodge is a perfect place to have as a startingpoint to explore The Western Region. There are many attraction in reach, with only a few hours travel.To the west are scenic Lagoon Marshlands and Lake Tandane - where the Nzulezo people live in a village, built on stilts above the surface of the lake. To the east are Cape Coast and Elmina - home of the most famous forts and castles all over Africa.

Northeast of the Hideout Lodge you'll find KakumNational Park - a rain forest that is the home to numerous species of mammals, birds, reptiles and butterflies. Further north are the ancient Gold Mines of Tarkwa, and the Ashanti Gold Fields. It's from this wealth that Ghana was once named "The Gold Coast".

     Nzulezo stiltvillage (aka Mzulezo)           Kakum canopy walk in the rainforest               AbowkaIsland, Busua

If you take a walk along the beach (35 min) you'll find the fishingvillage Busua. It's well known cause to the nice beach, and the small Abowka Island.When you visit Busua you'll find a variety of small restuarants. If you're dying for pancakes, don't hesitate to visit Daniel the pancakeman. If you rather would like some lobster try out Frank, the Lobsterman. Other restaurant are Black Mamba Cotrner (Pizza) and Busua beach Resort

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Hideout Lodge